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Does your company regularly import/export products or services from outside of the UK, which would entail exchanging one currency for another?

Does your company receive funding from an overseas parent company in a currency other than GBP?

Does your company pay for goods or services sourced from overseas in GBP?

Does your company export overseas and ask for payment in GBP?

If one or more of the above applies to your company then My Treasury Advisor Limited is the partner that your business is in need of.

For companies that are heavily exposed to currency volatility, pro-active exchange rate risk management can be the difference between a profit and a loss. Unfortunately, many companies do not have the resources or in-house skills to optimise such currency transactions. My proposition is to provide you with an individually tailored advisory service.

How will I go about this?

  • A clearly defined Foreign Exchange Risk Management strategy is required by any company that trades internationally or has aspirations to do so. By using a combination of contract types and market orders I will design a bespoke Treasury policy for your business.

  • The second stage is just as important to achieving the enhanced F.X. returns that your business is seeking. This would be referred to as your implementation stage or strategy execution. The appropriate timing of this will be determined having taken into consideration any business specific aspects (business cycle, cash flow, known liabilities and appetite for risk) and reviewing these against market volatility, political uncertainty and appropriate market forecasts.

  • Rate regulation of your banks' F.X. pricing, which will create tangible financial benefits for your business, immediately improving profitability

How will this be structured?

  • This can be done either on a purely advisory basis or

  • By mandating me to trade on your behalf for specific trades or

  • By outsourcing your company's foreign exchange requirements to My Treasury Advisor Limited

Communication is key to a successful business relationship, on a regular and confidential basis. As your business grows, develops or changes so should your Treasury policy be flexible to accommodate that business profile. I will work with you on adapting your business’ risk management strategy to ensure that it meets with your ongoing requirements.

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Private Clients:

Is the transaction that you are considering related to a one off purchase or sale of a property overseas? (NB it doesn’t have to be a property deal but that would be the most typical transaction that any private client would tend to make which has a foreign exchange aspect to it).

My Treasury Advisor Limited is more than happy to discuss the deal with any individual to enable them to get best value whilst minimising their potential risk to volatile market rates. Please proceed to “Contact Us” to initiate your first step towards having the appropriate, professional advice for your transaction.

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