Steven Birt LinkedInMy Treasury Advisor Limited was formed in 2012 by Steven Birt.

Having worked in the City of London for 29 years with Allied Irish Bank (GB), Steven decided to use his experience and knowledge, gained as a Senior Manager with the Bank, to set up his own business to help UK based companies and individuals to improve the way they manage Foreign Exchange risk.

What makes My Treasury Advisor Limited different?

How will My Treasury Advisor Limited differ from other companies offering Foreign Exchange services? Over the last decade numerous “boutique providers of foreign exchange services” have sprung up, taking on the Banks with competitive pricing and cheaper money transmission fees, sometimes they are even “free”. Their rates “for new business” are obviously attractive, otherwise they would not win any trades, but their front line sales teams, at the end of the day, are working for the provider of the service and paid on the basis of “how much income they can generate”.

Working for you

My service is different in that I will work FOR YOU and WITH YOU. Together, we will enhance the income that is at the heart of your business as, if the business is not making enough money, it will fail or certainly struggle to achieve its full potential.

If your business trades internationally but only deals in GBP you are likely to be limiting your opportunities, by forcing your counterparty to manage the underlying foreign exchange risk themselves.

As an importer you will often find that by paying your supplier in their local currency, or at least the currency of their choice, you can source your product or service at a better price.

As an exporter you can enhance your chances of winning the contract by being prepared to deal in your customers own currency, by managing the foreign exchange risk within your own business.

Managing your risk

By managing the process yourself you have a much better likelihood of achieving your goals. Define and measure your progress using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as what are my margins and how can I improve them? Remember the saying “if you don’t manage it, you can’t measure it”.

Using the services of My Treasury Advisor Limited you will have within your Team the expertise to ensure that your business is extracting maximum returns from all the effort that you put into running a successful company. I will guide you through the markets that trade $3trillion per day worldwide and help to demystify the terminology and strategies that are used.

The most effective solution can often be the simplest and can only be effective if you are comfortable with it, so I will not propose elaborate hedging structures. Introducing my treasury knowledge and experience to your business knowledge and experience, we will very quickly become a powerful team, delivering tangible results and significant improvements to your bottom line.

“There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity” Bruce Lee